Saturday, August 1, 2009

My Flashlight Collection

A friend smarted off to me and said I had too many flashlights. I remarked that I didn't have that many, but then i started counting. I'm going to keep a running list of all my lights here. Maybe it'll keep me from hitting that (paypal sent) button.


  • 3D>12aa MagLight with a Osram 64623
  • 2D>6aa MagLight with a 20w Chinese bulb (equivalent of RoP)
  • 2aa MiniMag Hotwire - Aurora Lite ceramic bi-pin socket with HOLA Carly bulb
  • SureFire E2l (LumensFactory EO-E2R)
  • SureFire Black E2 Aleph (LOTC, LumensFactory IMR-E2)
  • SureFire G2 with 10w 7.4v dropin
  • SureFire M6 Guardian (mn20, mn21, FM-Bipin[wa1111])* (Mdocod 2x18650 holder)
  • FM Megalennium (3x18650 w/SF KT4, AW SoftStart, and FM BiPin[wa1185])


  • SureFire M6 Guardian (LED tower with High CRI ssc T1 bin)*
  • SureFire e2l (body), KL1 Head (modded with McR20s reflector and High CRI ssc), McTc Tailcap with McE2s Dual-Stage switch
  • Malkoff M60W-MCE in VME head on a e2dl body with aleph trim tail and mce2s(60 ohm) switch
  • SureFire e2dl (near 200 lumen high) z61 Tail with modoo Deluxe extention
  • Nitecore SR3 Smart-Ring (Q2-5A w/18650 tube)
  • EagleTac M2XC4 (Neutral Version)
  • RaTwisty 120T
  • LiteFlux LF2X
  • Fenix e01
  • UltraFire C2 modded with ssc P7 with multimode 9xAMC7135 Driver
  • Zebralight H30
  • Zebralight H60W
  • 4Sevens Quark 123-2 (Limited Edition Neutral Tint q3-5a Cree)
  • 4Sevens Quark 123-2 (Limited Edition Ti xp-g R5 Cree)
  • 4Sevens Quark 123-2 Tactical (Limited Edition Neutral Tint q3-5a Cree)
  • 4Sevens Quark 123 Tactical (self upgraded r5)
  • 4Sevens Quark MiNi AA Ti
  • Inova X0 Black
  • Romisen RC-G2 Modded with Red Cree
  • 3-5 Super MJ-LED dropin MiniMags
  • extra Nitecore Extreme Body (I'd like a M30W and another VME head for this one)
(chinese lights I dont really count but i'm gonna include in the list)
  • Ultrafire UF-502B UV
  • A few Romisen RC-G2's
  • 2 heavily modded UltraFire WF-606A
  • Rayovac 2aa (Modded with U2 bin ssc p4)
  • I think I got rid of the rest of them!!!!
  • RaClicky 140E
  • Quark 123-2
  • Malkoff M60W
  • Malkoff M60W-MCE in HA-BK MD2 w/High/Low switch
  • Zebralight H60
  • SureFire e2l (2007 model)
  • Novatac 120p (High CRI ssc T1 bin)
I'm going to try to keep this list up to date.
*Only one Surefire M6. It is listed in both categories because of the lamp assemblies.